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ALSIP, Ill. — A restaurant in south suburban Alsip that has been providing free meals with no questions asked during the COVID-19 pandemic hopes they can continue their community service.

From sun up to sundown, staff at the Country House Restaurant have been taking phone orders for five weeks from anyone who calls. It’s free of charge and no questions asked.

“We were hoping it would climb and it did. Now, we’re at 2,500 meals a day. We’re about to crack 50,000 by the end of the week,” said Paul Boundas, Country House Restaurant.

They’ve been delivering to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, private homes and apartments to feed the community.

Local food distributors Sysco, Restaurant Depot, Badger Murphy and Whittingham Meats have also stepped up with donations to help Country House in their effort.

But Country House is questioning how long they can sustain the economic challenge with demand growing every day.

“We’ve put in $120,000 or $140,000 of our own money,” said Boundas. “And we’re fine feeding our community and on the individual meal deliveries, but when we’re getting the requests and trying to work partnerships with bigger facilities of people, it’s not sustainable for us to be able to foot all that.”

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