Some suburban high school parents frustrated students aren’t back in classes yet


VILLA PARK, Ill. — Some parents of suburban high school students are frustrated their kids aren’t returning to in-person learning yet.

Sharon Vish is a parent to a freshman at Willowbrook High School at District 88, where students are all virtual.

“They’re not falling behind, they’re not failing students. I just think of their future and I don’t think the academics are at the level they would be if they were in school,” Vish said.

Students have also voiced their displeasure. A letter from a District 88 addressed to the superintendent says, in part, “The student body and community of Willowbrook have been very disappointed in the way you and the rest of the staff have handled this. You are failing the students.”

On Monday, District 88’s school board meets to discuss a return to school, which will be a multi-step process that begins with a remote phase on Feb. 22, in addition to extracurricular activities.

On Jan. 25, the district ended its adaptive pause, which was implemented on Nov. 20.

Carrie Brockie and other parents feel the plan to return should have been weeks if not months ago.

“My oldest son is a senior and he’s always had really good grades, and now the grades are barely even there,” she said.

District 88 includes Willowbrook High School and Addison Trail High School.

“We are following the guidance of local, state and national medical experts and we are prepared to move to a hybrid environment as soon as the data supports that decision. We are moving through the stages of our plan as the metrics allow,” the district said in a statement.

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