Smart thermometer could help track spread of COVID-19

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A new thermometer doesn’t just read the number, it gives advice.

Made by Kinsa Health, the thermometer provides a larger message about community health.

It has accurately indicated flu spread for the last four years. Right now, the health weather map shows fever spikes in New York and New Jersey, an epicenter in the U.S. for COVID-19 cases.

By the time the State of Emergency was declared in New York, fevers spiked with a Red Alert in the thermometer.

As restrictions on public gatherings were put in place, it notified a drop. Once schools closed, even a bigger drop in fevers.

The advice for COVID-19, including the first messages of proper hand washing, has worked to decrease the flu over the last several weeks.

Time will tell if it will also impact COVID-19 in a similar way.

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