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LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — The daily drawings of a young artist and her little brother are a bright spot during some dark days.

For Macaire Everett and her little brother cam, it all started with balloons, and then the rain came.

Twenty-eight days later and counting the eighth grader is still drawing on her driveway. Her brother, Camden, puts his own twist on each one.

“When I came out and saw the first ones and that is really neat how she incorporated Cam into the pictures and it turned into one then another and another and they just keep getting better and better and sometimes we’re racing the weather and sometimes she’ll spend hours creating the scene,” Matt Everett, the siblings’ father, said.

Macaire said she’s not really bummed out when the rain comes because she always knows she can create something new.

Under clear skies Thursday, a surfing scene was in the works.

“I sometimes come up with ideas or sometimes go along with ideas she comes up with,” Camdem said,

“A lot of it comes from things we want to do and places we want to go after this is all over so surfing is something Cam has always wanted to try when we go on spring break,” Macaire said.

As Macaire creates, curious neighbors watch — some even supply more chalk.

“We were running out of chalk one time and we hadn’t gotten a new order of it and they were like here have some of ours it’s really cool everybody is helping out it’s what this time is about,” Macaire said.

 “It is definitely their ideas, their work their creativity and we’re just trying to supply the enthusiasm behind it and the chalk and the driveway cleaning,” Everett said.

The siblings said they are just happy to be making other people smile.

Macaire and Camden plan to keep drawing for 100 days straight. You can see their work on their Instagram account.