Quarantines extended as coronavirus cases rise

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas —  Quarantines are being extended as coronavirus cases are rising. 

A former Chicago couple, Charles and Shelly Conlon, who was aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise Line remains in Texas after planning to fly home Monday. 

Those on the cruise ship were quarantined for days after people aboard the ship were infected with the disease. Two elderly passengers taken off the ship because they were infected died.

Just before they left the Texas air base where they have been for two weeks, they took the optional coronavirus test to make sure they weren’t a risk to the public. 

The two took the test last Wednesday and Charles found out he tested COVID-19 positive. He was separated from his wife and  rushed to an infectious disease hospital.

Shelly said as a result, her quarantine started over. Neither one of them showed any symptoms. 

The Conlons left the states on Jan. 2. They started their trip in Singapore and it was supposed to end in Tokyo on Feb. 4. 

Shelly said anyone who enters Charles’ room at the hospital has to put on a whole hazmat suit. His vitals are checked once a day, and the air in his room is not being circulated. He’s in total isolation and still showing no symptoms.

Meanwhile back at the Texas air base, tensions are rising for some. One man was made aware that if he hops a fence to escape a federally mandated quarantine, he risks arrest.

One woman who tested negative for coronavirus twice was released. When her third test came back positive, authorities had to bring her back. The mayor of San Antonio was fuming over the gaffe.

Other ship passengers like Linda and Jim Levell took the news of an extended quarantine hard. They have spoken to WGN frequently in recent weeks. They are keeping quiet as local, state and federal authorities decided what’s the next best course of action to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

San Antonio has declared a public health emergency in order to stop any more people from being released from quarantine. Over a hundred were scheduled for release Monday.


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