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CHICAGO — Members of Chicago’s largest police union gathered outside City Hall Monday to rally behind a proposed ordinance that would effectively repeal the city’s employee vaccine mandate.

Nearly a hundred people showed in the rain to protest Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mandate. They were not in uniform but in plain clothing, presumably police officers and their supporters.

Two aldermen are working to undo the mayor’s vaccine policy. Ald. Silvana Tabares and Anthony Napolitano want to repeal the existing mandate and require city council approval for any other mandates going forward. They want members to be able to weigh in on any discipline city workers could face for not complying or not getting vaccinated without an approved reason.

FOP President John Catanzara said about two dozen officers are on “no pay” status because they refuse to say whether or not they’re vaccinated.

Sunday night, he called on city workers to rally outside City Hall Monday morning ahead of the 10 a.m. city council meeting.

The legal battles about the mandate also continues in court Monday morning as a judge considers whether to extent the restraining order in place against Catanzara.

Nearly two weeks ago, she ordered him to stop publicly encouraging officers to defy the mandate. He spoke inside city council during the public comment. He and others are calling the mayor a tyrant, saying she’s running a dictatorship and if aldermen don’t go their way on this, they will vote them all out.

No word yet on whether the judge will extend the gag order in place against the union president.