‘Please do not hesitate to come up and knock’: Man offers to help neighbors with heartwarming note

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CHICAGO — Across Chicago and the country, COVID-19 is causing long lines and empty shelves at stores.

But there are those with hearts full of compassion, ready to help.

After 9/11, Fred Rogers gave us his mom’s advice for troubled times and “always look for the helpers.”

Dakota Brown is one of those helpers.

This week, Brown posted a simple note on the front door of his Chicago apartment building.

It began, “Howdy neighbor..”

His message is one of many positive efforts being noticed and posted around social media.

“I think it’s important that at least those of us on the same block, for now can rely on each other,” Brown said. “And know that we can rely on each other before it gets any worse.”

It’s a sign, of the times, proving that even in uncertainty, we can be certain of the goodness in those around us. We just have to look for the helpers.

“It’s just our human duty,” Brown said. “It’s our societal duty to just help each other when you can, especially in times like this.”

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