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As parents learn to navigate their new normal surrounded by their kids 24/7, one woman offering a way to get them moving right in your own living room.

Personal training by Jenny Derosa just got a little less personal thanks to COVID-19. But she’s finding ways around it, the right way. From her garage, Derosa can broadcast a live 40-minute work out for kids. No one needs to leave their home.

“Right now, our biggest asset is our health,” she said. “So by getting people exercising, we can boost their immune system, we can burn some energy and you just feel better getting a work out in.”

When it comes to kids, Derosa said movement keeps everyone sane.

Mondays through Thursdays, Derosa is doing low impact floor exercises for kids. She is offering live classes two times a day and up to 100 computers can sign into her class for only $5 per computer. 

She’s encouraging families to fill up the family room and get moving. 

She’s teaching Zumba classes on Fridays.

 “So we’re moving our coffee tables and making space to do jump squats, marching, push-ups, planks and arm circles, to elevate the heart rate and build some strength,” she said.

Melissa Johnson is a client and mother of two boys.

 “Being trapped inside, it’s easy to fall into the trap of watching the iPad and TV,” Johnson said. “Then they start to fight. For their mental health, it helps them from going crazy.”

It’s about creating routine and staying connected. Interacting with others even while keeping to ourselves.

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