Parks department employees supervising e-learning students inside Arlington Heights district


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. – Some parents are upset at a suburban school district’s plan to let parks department employees supervise e-learning for students inside a school.

Dozens of kids are reportedly learning inside two District 25 buildings, but there are no teachers present.

Instead, parents can spend $50 a day per child to have parks department employees supervise their e-learning. It’s something that some parents have taken issue with due to already having to pay taxes to keep the buildings open.

Carrie Fullerton, the executive director of the parks department, said the districts have collaborated for decades to provide care for children before and after school. She said the program is just an extension of that, based on need and working parents asking for some sort of solution.

Parents thought said choice is needed for families because they think e-learning doesn’t work for everyone.

“We are not here for political reasons, we are not pushing to force anyone to do anything they can’t do,” said parent Renee Schlenhardt. “We appreciate having a remote option for those who need it, but we want the opportunity like all the other districts around here who are figuring out a way to get it done.”

Schlenhardt said she pulled her two kids out of the district and is now sending them to private school.

She said the cost difference between doing that and participating in the supervision service was about $300 per month.


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