Parents rally against Gov. Pritzker’s school mask mandate in Niles


NILES, Ill. — Opponents of Governor Pritzker’s mask mandate for schools rallied Wednesday in Niles.

Around 200 people filled a banquet hall and believe students should not be forced to wear masks in schools after the governor announced the mandate on August 4.

While making the announcement, the governor condemned districts who have not required masks yet and applauded districts that have.

“First far too few school districts have chosen to follow the CDC,” Gov. Pritzker said.

In Orland Park last week, the board voted unanimously to ask Illinois’ General Assembly to convene to address COVID-19.

If a student shows up without a mask, Pritzker said he hopes the school will enforce the rules just like they enforce a dress code. But opponents said children shouldn’t bear the brunt of the pandemic.

“There is zero evidence to support masking our children in schools, period.” Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau said. “We are forcing our children to wear masks for the safety of unvaccinated adults and peace of mind for other adults who fear are children because they’ve been told time and again that they should fear our children because of COVID.”

A downstate woman has sued Gov. Pritkzer, saying he doesn’t have the authority to issue the mandate without the approval of the Illinois Board of Education.

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