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BREESE, Ill. – Beverage companies are hitting a snag as more people turn to cans.

There’s a supply shortage.

Some kinds of canned pop could soon be harder to come by because of COVID. Even local bottling companies like Excel in Breese, Illinois are feeling the impact.

“Now you’re not going to the restaurant, you’re maybe not going into the convenience store, but you still want your soda, you still want your beer and you’re still gonna buy it and a lot of that in cans so that usage has gone up dramatically,” said William Meier, president of Excel Bottling Company.

Some shoppers say they’ve struggled to find cans of Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke. Some Ski products are also in short supply.

“Not the most popular flavors, but things like Diet Ski and Cherry Ski we’ve actually been out for a couple of weeks just because it’s not available,” Meier said.

But they’re making some changes at their Breese facility. Starting next year, they’ll can on-site and have a sleever.

“Instead of getting a can with a certain brand on it, we’ll have the ability to get a can and then put a sleeve on it, so we can get our Diets Ski back in stock and our Cherry Ski,” he said.

They’re also adding more plastic bottles to their beer and tea products so they can do more shipping as more and more people do their shopping online.