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CHICAGO – Over 150 CPS nurses are speaking out, saying the district’s reopening plan does not work.

A group of nurses arrived at City Hall Thursday night with a letter, signed by 164 nurses, and a message.

“To be bringing students into buildings, said nurse Dennis Kosuth. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Kosuth said he just found out his uncle died from COVID-19 in Texas.

“He’s not a statistic. Our fight is not a joke,” he said. “We see the effects of this disease.”

The letter wants CPS to put the brakes on the phased reopening plan.

The Chicago Teachers Union said there have already been 20 schools with COVID-19 cases in the days since some staff and students returned.

CPS has insisted schools are safe and clean.

“The fact of the matter is people are going to die if we open these schools,” said Paul Pater with the Illinois Nurses Association.

While the debate rages over opening schools, CTU held a Zoom event with several parents earlier Thursday.

“We do not agree with what’s going on,” said parent Araceli Vega. “As mothers, as daughters, their lives also need to be safe as they walk into those schools.

The union says some teachers who refused to go back into school buildings because of virus concerns have been locked out of e-learning and emails, even if all of their students opted for virtual learning.

At City Hall, the CPS nurses weren’t allowed up to the fifth floor, but they handed their letter to someone in the mayor’s office.

On Friday, CTU is planning a car caravan to protest teachers being locked out of their virtual classrooms.

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