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CHICAGO — Revall Burke was the first City of Chicago worker to die of COVID-19.

He was a parking enforcement aide for the city for 15 years.

Mickey Powell grew up with Burke on the city’s South Side.

“He was like Superman to me,” she said.

He said she will never forget his positivity. 

“He never complained about anything. He kept a smile on his face,” she said. “You never saw Revall frown, never.” 

So it was out of character when friends said the 60-year-old started complaining of aches and pains.

He called his doctor who advised him to go to the hospital.

“He came right in and they quarantined him as soon as he got there,” Powell said. “And he was there for a while. Then all of a sudden, like two to three days later, he was on life support.”

In just a matter of days, Burke lost his fight against covid-19.

Funeral services will have to wait and Powell sad the lack of closure, fuels grief.

“It hit everybody so hard,” she said. “We’re still mind blown. We still can’t believe it.”

Burke’s family and friends hope to celebrate his life with a big memorial once it’s safe to do so.