Northwest Indiana couple to host virtual wedding from living room


LOWELL, Ind. – The COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about everything we do, yet one northwest Indiana couple are pressing on with their wedding date, virtually.

It’s the second marriage for both Jennifer Klasner and Jack Allendorf. The two are like teenagers in love.

So when COVID-19 caused a stay-at-home order issued by Indiana Gov. Holcomb, the couple refused to change their special wedding date.

“This date means a lot to us and the year meant something too,” Klasner said. “This one said, ‘2020, we’re going in with clear vision.'”

Klasner and Allendorf’s firt date was on the Fourth of July in 2018. Exactly one year later, he proposed.

This year, they flipped the 7-4 date to make it 4-7 instead.

With nupitals booked in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee, the wedding will now be memorable for a different reason. It’ll take place from their living room.

“The point came and we knew, we’re not going to be able to do this,” Klasner said.

The couple plans on making the best out of it with plenty of laughter. Still though, plenty will be missing.

“My son walking me down the aisle,” Klasner said. “My family, Jack’s family, our friends that we love so much who were making the destination trip with us.”

The couple is keeping it in perspective and realize things could be much worse.

“I’m just so grateful that I’m just rearranging a wedding,” Klasner said. “We’re not dealing with the loss of a loved one or quarantined. We’re all healthy here.”


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