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CHICAGO — Metra and Amtrak are reporting fewer riders due to COVID-19 as officials expect the numbers to drop off even more in coming weeks.

Metra said as COVID-19 spreads, it is thinking about reducing the number of trains. Because many people and companies are urging employees to work from home, fewer people will need to take public transportation.

Another concern Metra and Amtrak have is how public transportation could potentially aid in the spread of the virus.

A spokesperson for Metra told Suntimes they are in the early stages of creating contingency plans because there are so many unknowns.

However, the CTA has said it has not seen a noticeable decrease in ridership.

Metra has told crews to pay special attention to high-touch areas like handrails, armrests and doors. 

Starting this weekend, Metra will bring in extra cleaning crews for cars and stations. CTA buses and trains are being cleaned daily. The CTA said they have not been told to change their cleaning protocols, but they are reminding riders to be vigilant.

They said to wash your hands, do not sit close to other people if you can help it and do not ride if you’re sick.