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CHICAGO – Starting Friday, masks will be required in public for all Illinois residents as some businesses will be able to reopen.

For small business owners operating multiple services, some will begin to sell services that were deemed non-essential during the previous stay-at-home order.

Six months ago, Tara Robertson expanded Pupstars Pet Care into a bigger facility on city’s near west side.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster,” said Tara Robert. “Unfortunately, we normally have a staff of 12 right now we have only three people actively working.”

Her business was able to continue operating only providing limited services like daycare.

Now, she’s glad pet grooming is allowed under the governor’s modified stay at home order.

Robert said she has a long waiting list of customers eager to get appointments.

“Essentially, it’s pretty much one person at a time. The doors locked next person comes they ring the doorbell and we can kind of you know service them like that, but we have a fairly small lobby,” said Robert. “So that’s just the safest way for us to do it.”

Starting Friday, everyone over the age of two will be required to wear a mask or cover their faces in public places like grocery stores.

Golf courses can reopen as long as they implement social distancing protocols, some non-elective procedures can resume and some state parks will reopen.

More retail stores will be able to open up for curbside pickup or delivery.

Residents will have another method to access food as farmer’s markets can reopen.

“For many of our communities, farmer’s markets are like essential access point to food,” said Janie Maxwell, Executive Director of the Illinois Farmer’s Market Association. “Putting into play social distancing, adding tables in front of a vendor so that now instead of those beautiful mounds of produce, they’ll be behind the farmer, and in most cases, they’ll be pre-bagged and ready to go.

The governor’s order lasts through the end of May.