Lightfoot releases update to city employee vaccine policy


CHICAGO — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot released her new city employee vaccine policy Friday and there are major changes.

The October 15 deadline to be fully vaccinated remains.

However, those who don’t meet that deadline have a testing option until December 31.

Employees who don’t report their vaccination status by October 15 will be placed in a non-disciplinary no-pay status.

Those who are fully vaccinated by October 15 will receive one personal day off to use before June 30 of next year.

Sworn employees of the police department will not receive the personal day.

Employees who are not fully vaccinated by October 15, including those with medical or religious exemptions, must undergo Covid-19 testing on a twice weekly basis separated by 3 to 4 days.

Employees will be responsible for those tests on their own time and at their own expense.

The mayor said the city continues to bargain with the fraternal order of police and for what she called a fair and workable policy.

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