CHICAGO — As the Illinois legislative comes to a close on Friday, lawmakers will finalize the budget. More than $100 million in it has been set aside for restaurants and breweries still trying to recover from the pandemic.

Begyle Brewing owner Kevin Cary has been in business for a decade, but COVID-19 took a major financial toll on his Ravenswood tap room.

“We’ve extended ourselves in every direction we can at this point,” Cary said. “As you look at the next few years we have to pay off that debt we had going into COVID and also the COVID debt.”

Over the last two years, 11,000 restaurants and bars in Illinois have closed their doors. The ones that have survived, have struggled.

“I think the federal government failed to pass a bill that had a significant amount of money in it,” State Sen. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) said.

Feigenholtz introduced a bill in February that would set aside $125 million in federal COVID funds for restaurants and bars — including brew pubs and tap rooms. Only about 20% of breweries that applied for previous restaurant revitalization funds received that grant money.

“We’re one of those businesses who qualified for a sizable grant and we didn’t make the cut they ran out of funds before,” Cary said.

He has had to downsize his brewery from two floors to one. Cary said it could take five years before he’s back afloat.

“Anything we can do we’re hoping this will come through any bit we can do to help them stay open,” Feigenholtz said. “Before summer, before this pandemic is behind us, we’re going to really work hard.”

The vote is planned for Thursday and also applies to food trucks, catering companies and bakeries.