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KENDALL COUNTY, Ill. – The Sheriff of Kendall County said his officers will not step in if they see people disobey the governor’s stay-at-home order.

Sheriff Dwight Baird announced Wednesday night that his department will not fine or arrest anyone in large groups.

“I was telling them as far as a criminal charge arrestable offense or a fine,” said Baird. “There’s nothing to Kendall County Sheriff’s office can do. We would only enforce the law against them.”

Small businesses will not be subjected to the stay-at-home order either.

In recent weeks, Baird said he has received many questions from residents who do not agree that Kendall County should be included in the northeast sector along with Cook County.

“I’ve heard from both sides,” Baird said. “Those for and against it, again it is the governor’s executive order… he’s not in an easy spot, decisions are tough to make.”

The sheriff’s office said even though they won’t be enforcing the stay-at-home order, they urge social distancing.

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