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WHEATON, Ill. – A judge ruled against parents in a lawsuit against the IHSA, which tried to get fall sports back for high school athletes.

The judge said in DuPage County Court that drastic times call for drastic remedies and the IHSA acted within its bounds by not allowing fall sports.

The temporary restraining order would have blocked the IHSA from enforcing its return to play guidelines. Several parents sued the association claiming it did not follow its rules when it moves sports like football, volleyball and soccer to the spring.

Parents and student athletes have argued it causes irreparable harm, especially for seniors who could miss out on athletic scholarships.

“These decisions have huge ramifications for the kids, huge,” said plaintiff David Ruggles. “Collectively, the layers of incompetence in this state are letting the kids down.”

The judge said the pandemic has created extraordinary circumstances and the IHSA acted accordingly.

“I’m a decent student, but I really need sports to get a schlorship,” said Naperville Central football player Ethan Pytlak.

There is a status hearing set for Monday.