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CHICAGO — The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and his wife, Jacqueline Jackson have both tested positive for COVID-19 and are hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, according to a statement from Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

The statement read that doctors are currently monitoring their condition and that there are no further updates or information available. Jesse Jackson was vaccinated against COVID-19 in early January.

Rainbow PUSH advises anyone who has had contact with either of them for the last five to six days to follow CDC guidelines and to isolate from others.

Chicagoans reacted to the longtime Chicago figure testing positive, with residents wishing the Jacksons well following the diagnosis.

“I hope he gets better and is able to quarantine and nothing gets more serious than it already is for him,” Chicago resident Natasha White said.

For South Side resident Keith Murray, the diagnosis is a reminder that the pandemic is still very much here.

“The country is in a bad pandemic right now. I know a lot of people myself close to me that died of COVID. Some were vaccinated and some weren’t,” Murray said.

No one associated with Rev. Jackson agreed to an interview Saturday night, though they did say they were unsure of the vaccination status of Jacqueline Jackson.