‘It’s an accident waiting to happen’: Association worried about nurses at McCormick Place


CHICAGO – The state is busy prepping its first COVID-19 field hospital at McCormick Place, but WGN has learned nurses recruited to work there may be in for the greatest challenge of their careers.

The executive director of the American Nurses Association, Susan Swart, is very worried the demands made on nurses enticed by big paychecks could put them in trouble.

“It is an accident waiting to happen,” Swart said. “And one in which we cannot risk.”

At $125 an hour and $187 an hour for overtime, nurses could make over $100,000 in just two months. The state has waitlisted applicants for the hospital with around 170 already hired.

But Swart said errors happen when inexperienced nurses are overworked.

With 22 years of experience as a registered nurse, Swart said she would tell her children not to take a job at the hospital.

“Don’t do this, it’s not worth it,” Swart said.


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