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PEORIA, Ill. — More than 1 million tests for the novel coronavirus have been performed across the state of Illinois, Gov. JB Pritzker announced Friday.

This milestone was announced as state health officials reported 1,156 new cases of coronavirus and 59 deaths. In total, there have been 125,915 cases of coronavirus cases and 5,795 deaths.

Pritzker also reiterated Friday that all Illinois community-based testing sites are now open for anyone to get tested, regardless of symptoms. At these sites, testing is free for the individual. For a listing of these community-based COVID-19 testing sites in the Chicago area, as well as other local testing sites, go to For testing sites throughout the entire state, click here.

The state is expanding testing as recent widespread protests and unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd have created concerns they could lead to a new outbreak of COVID-19.

As such, the health officials are encouraging anyone who has recently been part of a mass gathering like a protest or rally over the past week to get tested five to seven days after the event took place, or if they start to show symptoms.