Illinois surpasses 10K people tested for virus a day

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CHICAGO — Record testing has led to a record number of new cases of COVID-19 in Illinois.

Health officials report another 108 lives were lost to the virus, bringing the death toll across the state to 1,795. Health officials also announced another 2,724 people tested positive for COVID-19 — that’s the result of the state receiving results for more than 16,000 tests.

Illinois is reaching its goal when it comes to testing here, but Gov. JB Pritzker said the road to get to this point has been difficult.

The state has surpassed 10,000 a day. The question now is, can the state keep it going at that rate?

About 16,124 people were tested in a day, and 10,000 tests a day has been goal for weeks.

Pritkzer said supply chain challenged have hampered efforts to ramp up testing and it’s not just a challenge in Illinois. Several governors are in the same situation.

There are 112 public test sites and the criteria for those who want tests keeps expanding. First, the sites were only open to first responders and health care workers. Then, people over 65 with symptoms. Now, everyone with symptoms can get tested.

Pritzker said testing is key to everything and said there is still more work to do on this progress.

The governor also had a warning about the antibody test. He said he is not yet convinced that tests are reliable. He is going to hold off pushing hose tests in the community. Overall, 190,000 people in Illinois have been tested


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