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CHICAGO – Coronavirus continues to race through nursing homes. Close to half of the state’s deaths have ties to long-term care facilities.

As of Monday, there are two nursing homes in Illinois where more than two dozen people of died of coronavirus.

The CDC said a third of all coronavirus deaths in the country have been tied to long-term care facilities. In Illinois, 46 percent of coronavirus deaths can be traced back to a care facility.

“We have been ramping up our testing at nursing homes as more tests are available,” Gov. Pritzker said.

Over the weekend, Meadowbrook Manor in Bolingbrook recorded its 26th coronavirus death. Symphony of Joliet is also dealing with that total and at least eight other long-term facilities in the state have more than 20 coronavirus deaths.

“Every long-term health care facility already has an infections diseases protocol,” said Gov. Pritzker. “So, we are trying to assist properly followed and maintained. We have been very active in pushing out PPE to make sure appropriate protocols are followed following the use of PPE.

There are more than 10,000 positive cases in the state’s more than 400 long-term care facilities. Protocols have been put in place to try to keep the virus out of the homes, but it’s still finding a way in.

“This is one of the most vexing problems with this virus it’s insidious the way that it can get into these homes, the way that it spreads even with all the infections controls we can put on top of it,” Gov. Pritkzer said. “It’s just extraordinarily difficult.”