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Technology to the rescue.

A young couple in love profiled by WGN News last week tied the knot Tuesday.

They got hitched in Indiana — not the way they planned to, but apparently the way it was meant to happen.

Surrounded by family and friends, Jack and Jennifer Allendorf were married.

They were forced into an at home ceremony after COVID-19 dashed their party plans. But they weren’t going to let a novel virus ruin their wedding day too.

They invited the seven critical members of their wedding party to join them on Zoom to witness the nuptials from wherever they were – including a Justice of the Peace.

The whole ceremony lasted no more than eight minutes. Friends gave them Lysol and monogrammed Mr. and Mrs face masks, not to mention some highly coveted toilet paper for fun.

After the ceremony they headed outside as a wedding parade drove past their home.

The perfect ending to a near perfect day. Even the weather delivered.

“We got married and that’s what matters,” Jack Allendorf said.