‘I went through hell and back:’ Aurora leaders describe COVID recovery

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AURORA, Ill. — Three Aurora city leaders have recovered from COVID-19.

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman, police commander Keith Cross and Mayor Richard Irvin tested positive for the virus two weeks ago.

Each said they had different experiences with the virus. They held a virtual news conference Wednesday to offer an update to the public.

“I went through hell and back and was at the edge,” Irvin said. “But clawed my way back.”

“I felt like a truck had hit me,” Cross said.  “I was vomiting, had a fever – a lot of things going on.  That was my first trip to the ER.”

The commander made two trips to the ER and said out of the three, his case was the most severe. 

Ziman said her case was more mild.

“Mostly just cough chills and fever,” she said.  “Three days later I started to feel ok.”

But she said the next 10 days were “up and down.:

All three said they are feeling better now but still keeping their distance from everyone.

It remains unclear how they contracted the virus. Ziman said the irony of their cases is that they may have passed it along while planning their response to COVID-19.

 Ziman and Irvin said they are slowly getting back into work, while keeping their distance. Cross said he still needs a few more days.



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