How Chicago-area first responders are changing protocol amid COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic

Three Highland Park paramedics are in quarantine after they were exposed to a patient who tested positive for COVID-19.

The quarantine is causing first responders across the area taking a close look at their protocols.

Chicago Police Department said it is implementing a layered approach.

It’s starts with the operator, who will screen patients and ask about possible COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. If there are any red flags, specialized teams will be dispatched.

“We’re creating teams of four to six officers in the district,” CPD sergeant Rocco Alioto said. “Those officers are going to be incident response teams and  one of those officers will be CIT trained. Those officers will be trained on the proper use of the personal protective gear.”

Police departments are also feeling the effects of the nationwide shortage of sanitizer.

Chicago police distributed old, possibly ineffective sanitizer to officers Wednesday.

“Our feeling was that it was better to give our officers the product that was out there and outfit with them with something rather than nothing,” Alioto said

Departments across the area know the risks their officers are taking and are doing what they can to keep them safe and healthy.

“Our officers welfare is of the utmost importance to us because we want to make sure that they’re healthy,” Alioto said. “And we want to make sure they’re in a position where they can continue to go out there and serve the public.”

CPD said they’re encouraging people to make reports by calling 311 or filing it online to avoid coming to the police department. Emergencies not included.


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