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HIGHWOOD, Ill. — The pandemic has damaged the economy but some entrepreneurs say that just means it’s time to get down to business and are doing something to help.

When it seems like everything has changed it’s important to remember some things never do.

About 28 miles north of downtown Chicago, in Highwood, Illinois, sits 28 Mile Distillery Company. The owner, Eric Falberg said they opened their doors in June 2019 but the pandemic forced them to close their doors.  

Due to the pandemic, there was a big need for hand sanitizer. 

Falberg said when one door closes, another opens. He could use the apparatus of alcohol production to make sanitzer — the critical product needed to kill virus on the where it’s most likely to spread  — our hands.

So the 50-year-old business owner decided to transform the operation from spirits to sanitizer.

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