Grubhub waiving marketing fees for independent restaurants amid COVID-19 outbreak

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CHICAGO — Grubhub is providing major financial relief for some independent restaurants in Chicago and other large cities across the United States who have been impacted by COVID-19.

In the coming weeks, it’s expected that people will stop going to restaurants and rely more on delivery services.

Local restaurants said in just the last week, business has really gone off a cliff. In response, Grubhub has decided to waive its marketing fees.

The move is intended to be an immediate cash flow relief for local restaurants. Grubhub estimates it will help save independent restaurants — not chains — at least a few thousand dollars up front. They will waive these marketing fees for the foreseeable future, up to $100 million total.

The company is also thinking about ways to support their drivers and their restaurant workers who will likely bear the brunt of this economic crisis.

Grubhub is also raising money for charity to eventually distribute to drivers who might need help making ends meet.

This isn’t just happening in Chicago, either. Grubhub will be doing this for restaurants all over the country, in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, New York City and Portland. Grubhub says it is important to support its restaurant partners because they are vital to the economy.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says this is the kind of corporate leadership we need.

“From our perspective, this is a no-brainer,” Matt Maloney, Grubhub CEO, said. “Independent restaurant’s business is our business. This is exactly what we do. We are very proud of our decision and we’re very proud to support restaurants all across the country.”

On Friday, the mayor and her team are encouraging people to still go out to eat at local restaurants. They just want people to be smart about it.


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