Grandparents of Bulls C Luke Kornet stuck on cruise ship amid deaths


The grandparents of Chicago Bulls Center Luke Kornet are stuck on a cruise ship with several suspected cases of COVID-19 aboard.

Jim and Colleen Wing were on a South American cruise aboard Holland America’s Zaandam ship.

As they were traveling, several people came down with COVID-19 symptoms and four people have died.

“The last I heard from them they were told to be isolated in their little cabins and they don’t have the most expensive rooms on the ship,” daughter Tracy Kornet said.

Holland America is owned by Carnival Corporation. The company did not state the cause of the deaths, but confirmed at least two guests tested positive for COVID-19.

Kornet said her 75-year-old father is experiencing serious upper respiratory problems.

“Unfortunately, my parents are among the sick ones, so they’re sitting in this tiny little cubicle of a room waiting to hear if they’ll ever even port – let alone get off and get some medical treatment,” Kornet said.

Her 69-year-old stepmother is feeling healthy so far. When she was offered a different room, she refused to leave her husband’s side.

The two recently moved from Chicago to Northwest Indiana.

“Whatever happens, I love my dad and I know he loves me and I pray for all of the families out there who don’t have that kind of peace,” Kornet said.


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