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CHICAGO — The Northwestern University Transportation Center is tracking crash data in Chicago during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its latest analysis has found that while there have been fewer crashes overall, there is a slight increase in the severity of the crashes. 

During the first week of March, Chicago saw 2,063 reported crashes. That number began dropping after March 13, when the federal government declared a national emergency and dropped further after Illinois’ Stay At Home order began on March 21st.  Last week, Chicago was down to 803 crashes.  

Despite the decrease in overall crashes, the NUTC found an uptick in the severity of injuries in those crashes, including those involving pedestrians. They believe it is likely due to the fact that drivers are going faster on less congested roads.  

The NUTC will continue to document how mobility and road safety are affected in the city during the pandemic.  

Video below show traffic crashes in Chicago from March-14:

Video courtesy: Northwestern University Transportation Center