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CHICAGO — More than 130 City of Chicago employees are suing the city and the governor and say the city and the state’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.

They want the mandate immediately rescinded.

In a federal lawsuit and motion for temporary restraining order filed late last week, the workers argue vaccine immunity is comparable to infection immunity. They said since so many of them already had Covid, they shouldn’t be required to get a vaccine.

The group also claims the city’s mandate was not approved by city council and goes beyond the Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s authority.

They also take issue with how the mandate has been applied across the board and said teachers have it easier because unvaccinated teachers don’t have to pay for their own testing or take time away from work to get tested.

October 15 was the deadline for city workers to get their shots. They must be tested twice weekly until the end of the year if they refuse to.

The city said requiring vaccination has been proved to reduce Covid transmission much better than testing alone and because the pandemic is far from over there is a real public health justification for requiring vaccines.

But lawyers for the city workers said the policy treats the unvaccinated like there’s something wrong with them and that’s not fair. Especially because so many of them, like paramedics, were on the frontlines saving lives when things were at their worst.
There is no scientific consensus yet on how good natural immunity is.

The judge is expected rule on this case Friday afternoon.