Family holds vigil for retired Chicago police officer hospitalized with COVID-19


CHICAGO — The family of a retired Chicago police officer who has been hospitalized for over a month with COVID-19 held a vigil Wednesday night, taking all the prayers they can get.

76-year-old John Garrido was a Chicago police officer for 38 years from 1968 to 2006 and a military veteran. His son, John Garrido III, is currently a Chicago police officer, and said his dad is the reason why.

“I always said if I could be half the police officer as him, I’d be an amazing police officer. He’s just so full of life, he’s just got to get better,” Garrido III said.

Garrido has been fighting for his life with COVID-19 in the hospital for over a month. His family goes to Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center every day, but can only go to the window due to Garrido still being COVID-positive.

Garrido III invited others to join them and pray for his father to get better, with dozens attending the vigil.

“There were people that I knew, some people that worked with my father years ago because he was on the police department for 28 years, and so there were a lot of those people that came out, there were people that I’ve never met before that just came out to offer their support,” Garrido III said.

After 33 days in the hospital and 23 days on a ventilator, Garrido’s family is holding out hope that he will recover.

Garrido III said the case is a reminder of how deadly the virus is.

“Yeah, the majority of people, they’ll have a bad case of it, and they do recover from it, but what I want people to remember is that the small percentage, those are people too, those are people like my father, and you’ve got to be careful,” John Garrido III said.


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