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CHICAGO — The families of 27 veterans who died from COVID-19 at the LaSalle veterans home are suing the state.

The lawsuit claims the VA home where the victims lived failed to follow even basic precautions.

Family members and their attorneys held a press conference Tuesday morning. In total, 36 veterans died of COVID at the VA in late 2020. Family members said even the most basic safety protocols were not followed.

Each of the families asked for the limit, which in these types of cases are $2.3 million. They also sued in state court where there is no limit.

A report by the state inspector general, as well as other independent investigations, found management, a lack of planning training, and poor communication as part of the cause of the deadly virus outbreak.

The investigation led to the firing of the home’s administrator and nursing director. The head of the State Department of Veterans Affairs also resigned during the fallout of the investigation.

The families who are suing said these deaths could have been prevented had the VA consistently followed even the most basic safety protocols like wearing masks and changing gloves between patients.

Gov. JB Pritzker called the deaths at the home devastating and appointed new leadership for the department and said corrective action was taken.