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EVANSTON, Ill. — An uptick in cases of COVID-19 in Evanston has led to the reinstatement of masks at Evanston Township High School for all students and staff — regardless of vaccination status.

On Friday, the Evanston Health and Human Services Department communicated that it elevated the COVID-19 risk level from medium to high.

In response, ETHS transitioned from masks highly recommended, to masks required in the school building starting Monday.

In Evanston, there have been 397 COVID-19 cases in the last week, compared to 305 in the week prior.

“It’s frustrating to understand cases are still going up. I want to keep people safe my whole family got COVID from me because Evanston had an outbreak and I caught COVID from school while I was wearing a mask and I am vaccinated,” student Malory Frouin said. “So it’s very real.”

As of Monday, there are 36 positive COVID-19 cases at the high school, which is five times the number reported last month.

Should conditions change, high school officials say they will adjust and communicate an update. For more information, go to:

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