CHICAGO — The federal trial of Ed Burke has been delayed for a week due to an attorney testing positive for COVID-19.

Potential jurors have been sent home as a result and two other attorneys are also not feeling well.

“Stay healthy. Make sure you drink your orange juice and get your sleep because we have work to do,” the judge told the prosecutors and defense attorneys.

They will reconvene on Thursday, Nov. 16.

Wednesday was the third straight day potential jurors are faced questions in the 25th floor court room of Judge Virginia Kendall.

The group is trying to whittle a pool of more than 50 potential jurors down to 12 and four alternates.

Burke is on trial with two co-defendants: his longtime aide Peter Andrews and developer Charles Cui.

Burke himself faces 14 counts of racketeering, bribery  and extortion.  Prosecutors say he abused his public office for private gain, but withholding permits unless business owners used his private law firm for tax appeals – among other alleged schemes.

Burke has pleaded not guilty as have his co-defendants.