WASHINGTON — Although at-home COVID-19 testing is becoming more accessible and affordable, some Democrats are frustrated by the Biden administration’s response to the latest surge in the pandemic, causing a shortage in testing.

“My own family has had trouble getting enough tests for their children,” Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said.

Brown as among five Democrats who penned a letter to the Biden administration, urging the President to take decisive action as the omicron variant fuels a sustained surge in the pandemic.

The note includes frustrations over long lines for tests and how the administration plans to respond to future variants.

West Virginia Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito said the administration should have been aware of the increased need for testing during the current surge.

“We’ve got to produce more tests, that’s on both political parties. It’s on the last two Presidents and the last two Congresses,” Brown said.

President Joe Biden said he directed his team to distribute an additional 500 million tests for free, which can be ordered from a government website starting this Wednesday.