CTU, some parents upset at Chicago Public Schools’ COVID-19 plan


CHICAGO — Testing for COVID-19 began at a West Side elementary school after several cases of the virus.

CTU and some parents claim an outbreak at Jensen Elementary school cost two CPS mothers their lives.

One of those was 44-year-old Shenitha Curry — known as “Angel” to her family and friends.

Curry died of cardiac arrest a week after testing positive for COVID-19.

Outside of a funeral home Tuesday, her sister said Curry’s death was avoidable. Jasyma Johnson said she believes her sister became infected from her daughter — a fifth grade student at Jensen.

“She came home, she was fine for a couple of days then she got sick, then my nephew got sick, then my sister got sick,” Johnson said. “They tested her and she tested positive for COVID and then they discharged her and sent her home with some Motrin and some ibuprofen and albuterol.”

Curry was not vaccinated for COVID-19.

On Tuesday afternoon, members of the Chicago Teachers Union rallied outside Jensen Elementary — claiming CPS’ plan to test, quarantine and contact trace is notworking.

“It’s upsetting because nothing is in place,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes something needs to change after seeing how suburban districts are operating.

“I’m sitting there and in awe because in Naperville you see things totally different,” Johnson said.

A few days ago, Mayor Lightfoot said she was disappointed in the rollout of the CPS plan by noting that nearly 10,000 students have been exposed to COVID-19 since the beginning of the school year.

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