CPS releases final reopening framework for upcoming school year


CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools has released its final reopening framework for the upcoming school year.

The framework lists CPS expectations for remote learning this fall. It says students will receive a combination of “synchronous” or real-time and “asynchronous” learning.

Students are expected to be engaged for the entirety of a typical school day — five days a week. Teachers will be required to be available to students for the entire school day.

CPS said teachers will also be encouraged to incorporate small-group instruction and peer-to-peer interaction into their remote learning plans.

The district’s plan is not sitting well with the Chicago Teachers Union. The vice president said the district isn’t taking into consideration working class parents. There’s concern over the amount of time parents will actually have to teach their kids.

The CTU’s Vice President Stacy Davis Gates is pushing back against a plan she says lacks any input from actual teachers and students.

“We understand this all too well. Today just feels like another Groundhogs Day where our mayor and the Chicago public schools puts out a plan that doesn’t involved imagination, doesn’t involved robust input from practitioners, parents, students, then we have to push back against it,” Gates said.

As of now, CPS has the following plan:

  • Bilingual students will have live, real-time instruction and independent learning activities.
  • Special education teachers will provide individual check-ins and real time learning activities.
  • Students in pre-K will have real-time instruction lasting an hour.
  • They’ll also have another 90 minutes of learning activities.
  • Kindergartners through 8th graders will have more than three hours of instruction along with activities with varying times of activities.
  • High school students will have 80% of their day filled with instruction.
  • The remaining will be filled with learning activities.

“It lacks clearer understanding that we are in a pandemic ,” Gate said. “Two families are going to have to play a very large role and how instruction happens.”

The vice president wouldn’t give a direct message to Mayor Lori Lightfoot or the district but she did have on for parents: If you’re unhappy with the plan, contact district officials and let them know how you feel.


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