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CHICAGO — It’s another day of remote learning for thousands of Chicago Public School students.

There is no strike or lockout thanks to progress in negotiations with the Chicago Teachers Union. Mayor Lori Lightfoot says both sides will take 48 hours to cool down, and then come back to the table.

There are key points both sides have agreed on, but it’s enough to get the students back in the classrooms just yet.

Kindergarter through eighth graders were supposed to start in-person learning Monday. However, the battle between CPS and CTU continues, keeping students going with e-learning.

Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson released a joint statement saying common ground has been met of four key points, which include, health and safety protocols, ventilation, contact tracing and health and safety committees.

CTU wants a vaccination plan for staff, a health metric that shuts down schools during outbreaks and remote accomodations for teachers who live with people with medical conditons.

In the midst of fighting, a group of parents are feeling like they’re voiceless and their concerns are not being met. Some participated in a “sick out” Monday, not allowing their students to engage in e-learning.

Both sides plans to speak again Wednesday, to work on reaching an agreement.

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