Coronavirus survivor welcomed home with parade after spending weeks in medically-induced coma

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CHICAGO — After almost 100 days in the hospital and weeks in a medically-induced coma while he battled COVID-19, Darnell Sheegog returned home Monday.

It’s a day the 39-year-old almost never saw coming, as family members say he nearly died several times along his tough road to recovery. But on Monday his family, friends and fiancée welcomed him back home.

“We are truly happy. It’s been a long journey so we are very happy,” fiancée Allana Hall said.

Sheegog was first admitted to Rush Hospital in Oak Park on March 30, but was transferred to the main hospital where he was intubated and ventilated. 

A parade welcomed Darnell Sheegog home after he spent nearly 100 days in the hospital recovering from COVID-19

After a heart attack led to oxygen deprivation to his brain, he was put into a medically-induced coma for weeks. Even his loved ones admit they had their moments of doubt.

“I think his brother and his dad, we broke down and picked each other up over and over again,” Hall said.

Family members said they put their faith in God and their health care workers, a blessing in and of themselves. But they said the bottom line is Darnell is a survivor who doesn’t know the meaning of quit. 

“I feel good real, real good now that I’m home,” he said.

For his part, Darnell is at a loss when he tries to recall getting sick and getting rushed to the ER. Family members said he had no preexisting conditions they knew of, and was healthy and strong before he contracted COVID-19.

His speech has been affected but with therapy they are hopeful it will improve.


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