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CHICAGO – A local ER doctor is sounding the alarm after a spike in coronavirus cases among Chicago’s Latino community.

A local emergency room doctor has called the latest numbers stunning as coronavirus deaths in Illinois topped 2,500 on Thursday.

University of Illinois Dr. Marina Del Rios has been breaking down the numbers and thinks the community is not out of the woods yet.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” she said.

Right now, the top five zip codes in Illinois with the highest amount of COVID-19 cases are all in Latino communities.

  1. Brighton Park
  2. Cicero
  3. West Lawn
  4. Little Village
  5. Belmont-Cragin

What’s making matters worse is the rate. Normally of the tests performed, about 20 percent turn out to be positive. In the city’s Latino community, 60 percent of the tests are coming back positive.

“This data most likely reflects an undercount because we don’t have enough testing sites in Latino communities,” said Sylvia Puente with the Latino Policy Forum.

She said residents may be reluctant to go get tested because lack of health insurance.

“There may be a reluctance to go get tested because they don’t have health insurance and they don’t know what the cost will be,” Puente said.

So what happens now? Dr. Del Rios said officials need to pay attention to this demographic and how the cases evolve.