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According to figures received by WGN Investigates, there’s good news to report when it comes to resources at Illinois’ hospitals. 

As of Monday, statewide availability of hospital beds has not dropped significantly since last week. There are just over 2,700 intensive care unit beds in Illinois, and 949 remain open. 

However, COVID-19 patients represent about 66 percent of the patients who are occupying those ICU beds statewide. Of just over 28,000 other hospital beds in Illinois, nearly 12,000 remain open. 

Additionally, there are 1,593 ventilators available as of Monday, but state officials have requested thousands more. Coronavirus patients currently represent about 68 percent of the 1,198 ventilators being used. 

State health officials are watching these statistics closely as they fear hospitals may be overwhelmed as infections increase toward the end of April.

You can find the latest statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health as of Monday, April 6, below.

Cases: 12,262 confirmed cases and 307 coronavirus-related deaths. Nearly 63,000 have been tested.

Hospital Resources as of April 6:

  • Total ICU Beds = 2,709
  • Total ICU Beds Being Used = 1,760 (Used by COVID Patients = 1,166)
  • Total ICU Beds Open = 949
  • Total Ventilators = 2,791
  • Total Ventilators Being Used = 1,198 (Used by COVID Patients = 821)
  • Total Ventilators Available = 1,593
  • Total Other Hospital Beds = 28,139
  • Total Other Beds Being Used = 16,146 (Used by COVID Patients = 2,514)
  • Total Other Beds Open = 11,993
  • Total COVID Patients currently hospitalized = 3,680