Consul General of China in Chicago defends China’s handling of coronavirus

COVID-19 Pandemic
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CHICAGO — Coronavirus concerns caused the stock market to plunge for a second day Friday.

WGN reporter Judy Wang spoke with the Consul General of China in Chicago about the status of the virus.

In the interview, Zhao Jian defended China's handling of the situation and offered what he believes, is encouraging news.

"Sometimes, you know, the panic is more harmful than those viruses. So we need to be very cautious. We need to be very careful," Jian told WGN.

Jian said the situation at the epicenter, Wuhan, remains serious, but in the country the number of new cases — every day this week — has been falling.

Calling coronavirus an enemy of mankind, Jian said China is easing up on restrictions outside Wuhan, and even encouraging factories outside the city to reopen. He said there are many lessons learned.

"The Chinese government and the Chinese people have really accumulated some very precious experience in fighting against the virus. From the very beginning, we have been very transparent, very open to the rest of the world. We have been sharing all the information," Jian said.

The consul general said he still believes the state department's advisory against travel to China is an overreaction.

No word from the major U.S. airlines as to when flights may resume between Chicago and China.


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