Chicago police union president ‘not happy’ with COVID-19 protection for officers

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CHICAGO — As cases of COVID-19 rise, so does the need for proper safety — and there’s not enough for hospitals and first responders.

Some of those workers have tested positive for COVID-19 and some feel they have contracted it while on-the job. 

At least four Chicago police officers have contracted the virus, and Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham believes those officers acquired COVID-19 while on-duty.

“My thoughts are that this probably could have been prevented,” he said. “We are not happy with the protections our members are getting. The police department needs to do a better job.”

There are also two fire department paramedics, and a Cook County Jail correction’s officer that tested positive as well.

Gov. JB Pritzker has been making a lot of noise about getting more protective gear from the federal government– for healthcare workers and emergency responders here in Illinois. 

So far, the federal government has only provided about 10% of the masks they promised to give to the state.

Pritzker said this is totally unacceptable, and he’s been applying the pressure publicly — both on Twitter and TV — calling out President Trump for not doing more to get these supplies in. 

Meanwhile, the governor is appealing to businesses — like nail salons and tattoo parlors — to donate any masks they may have, to emergency responders.

You can do so, by emailing


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