Chicago couple among those who postponed wedding due to COVID-19


CHICAGO — The COVID-19 pandemic is turning the things we do once in a lifetime upside down.

Melissa Espana, 27, was planning an April 2020 wedding in Chicago.

With a month until the wedding, everything from the bridal party to the cake was set and ready to go. Until last week, when her dreams of walking down the aisle were postponed.

“We decided to pull the plug last weekend,” said Espana, who is a WGN employee. “It’s only been since last weekend and we’re rescheduling until next May. We’re waiting a full year for this to kind of go away.”

Espana said even though many of the 200 invited guests are feeling sorry for the couple, postponing was the right thing to do.

“To me, it’s not that big of a deal because postponing was the smart thing to do,” said Espana. “The safe thing to do, just made sense.”

The couple has not lost a nickel during the process. Espana said vendors have been great about accommdating the unforseen circumstances.

“I think we timed it perfectly,” Espana said. “Nothing was ordered. We didn’t lose money on the deposit, so we’re okay. We haven’t made a lot of the final payments, so that’s good too. Now we have more time to just pay for things.”

After an engagement back in their college years, it looks like their wedding hashtag #FinallyCortez will have even more of a meaning.

We’ve already been waiting so long,” Espana said. “What’s another year? You almost can’t be mad. I mean, who would have predicted coronavirus.”

Espana said the most maddening part of all of this is hiding her wedding dress in her closet for an entire year. Her fiance hasn’t seen it yet.


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