CDC reports ‘relatively few’ cases of myocarditis in young adults, adolescents after vaccine


The CDC is investigating a ‘relatively few’ reports of myocarditis in young adults and adolescents following a COVID-19 vaccination.

In their latest technical report, an advisory committee overseeing vaccine safety reported that the young adult and adolescent cases are more prevalent in males than females and more likely following dose two than the first dose.

Most cases appear to be mild and are typical within four days.

The CDC did not specific if the cases are associated with a particular vaccine.

Dr. Michael Earing, the division director of pediatric cardiology at Chicagoland Children’s Health Alliance, said the condition is very rare.

“It’s a condition characterized by inflammation of the heart muscle itself. In children it’s very rare, it’s about 1 to 2 out of every 100,000 individuals. It’s commonly related to viral infections in children

Signs in children can include fever, fainting, breathing difficulties, rapid breathing and rapid or abnormal heart rhythms.

While concerning, Dr. Earning said it’s too soon to determine if the condition is directly linked to the vaccine.

“Again the CDC has only reported about 12 cases of this, and they were made aware of this just recently,” Dr. Earning said. “There’s really no clear definition whether this is related to the vaccine or not.”

Health experts say it’s unlikely the CDC will recommend a pause of the vaccines, by follow up investigations are ongoing.

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