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ALSIP, Ill. — A restaurant in the south suburbs launched a new push to help others as the coronavirus pandemic and unemployment hits people hard.

Back in March at the height of the pandemic, the owners of Country House Restaurant in Alsip dug deep into their own pockets to the tune of $250,000, with the community donating over $130,000 to feed tens of thousands of people in need.

Now, they are launching a new effort to help struggling seniors and families over the holidays — and they need the public’s help.

“If they’re willing to support the cause, then $15 will cover a full meal delivered, microwavable and ready to re-heat to somebody’s door for them, their family, whoever’s in need. Focusing on seniors and veterans,” said Country House owner, Paul Boundas.

Boundas is once again appealing for donations to help feed the needy, from seniors to struggling families.

With the pandemic forcing a ban on indoor dining, Boundas has put his employees to work, cooking free and hot meals — and delivering those meals directly to those in need.

Country House has also teamed up with other south suburban communities like Robbins, when the Robbins Recreation Department decided they wanted to feed seniors in their neighborhoods. The department needed someone with a commercial kitchen to help prepare the meals, so they asked Country House for help.

Now the park district is teaming up with Country House to locate seniors and veterans, and anyone who needs help. Boundas is working with the community to reach those in need.

The Country House is able to provide large quantities of food until the money runs out.

A GoFundMe has been created to raise money for Country House so they can continue to feed those in need.