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CHICAGO – 86-year-old George Waddell should consider himself lucky.

After spending 85 days in the hospital with coronavirus, he finally returned home. Nurses wheeled him out, but he practically stood up on his own.

Waddell said exactly what happened is still a little fuzzy.

“Most of the time that I was in the hospital,I lost my memory,” Waddell said. “90 percent of what happened I don’t remember.”

Waddell was one of the thousands of elderly people who contracted coronavirus. He survived a virus that’s hit the elderly the worst.

Eight out of ten deaths linked to coronavirus have been in adults over 65.

What led to his recovery is the million dollar question right now.

Waddell is known for being pretty active. Neighbors have seen him hold his cane with one hand and push his lawnmower with the other.

After just a few days at home, he said he’s ready to get back to work, even if he has to move a little slower.

“I feel good breathing,” Waddell said. “I get tired quickly.”